The yips was often a career-threatening diagnosis…
until now

If you’ve suffered through a bout of the yips, you may know the feeling of helplessness and anxiety. We have the tools to put you back in control.

to conquer the beast,
we must first
make it beautiful

chinese proverb

After being voted by Baseball America as the pitcher with the best control in my MLB organization's minor league system,

all of a sudden after one errant throw I found myself utterly helpless to throw a baseball anywhere near where I wanted to, let alone, throw strikes. I had what is commonly referred to in baseball as the yips. By the end of that season, I had been sent home to 'clear my head.'I tried everything you can imagine and nothing was seeming to help.

My yips got to a point where I couldn't even make the most simple throws. I was in a place where it seemed like I was going to have to give up baseball, the game I love.

Thankfully I found Amplified Performance and even though I completely had my doubts, I'm shocked to say that in one session I have been back on the field back to 100% and completely feeling free and easy when I throw...and it's been over a month now. I wouldn't believe it if someone else told me this, but I've experienced it first-hand.

When I try to picture what gamedays were like for me before I started working with Amplified, it's almost hard to remember. I'd be nervous, sometimes have anxiety, and at times would hope it would rain so the game would be cancelled just to get that relief. And my performance was all over the map. Some days would be good, others would be brutal.

In a couple sessions with Chris now not only is my performance more consistent, it's consistently better, and I am having fun playing again. Thank you!!

I tend to talk to myself a lot. While I'd be in the batters box I'd be saying things to myself. After working with Amplified, I now realize the things I had been trying to do and say to 'focus' were things I was conciously doing...which probably took away from my focus on the pitcher.

I have worked with a ton of sports psychologists and done the typical heart rate and breathing stuff, etc. I think it's all good stuff and can be helpful. However, the things I did with Amplified -- as 'out there' as they were -- were totally different. I have no idea how it helps or what it's even doing I guess, but I feel phenomenal after my sessions and that carries over into my mindset during games.

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in some cases, our clients have been back to 100% in just one session

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